Makers + Creatives joining forces with Mr. MC Wonder

May 14, 2022 - MC Wonder Presents

You may have seen on our social media feeds some information about some trouble with a mysterious “businessman”. We have identified this man as a Mr. MC Wonder, who had heard about our little group during his travels. Our use of the abbreviation M+C caught his eye as a potential trademark infringement. He claims to have used the MC trademark for hundreds of years before Makers was ever established and we didn’t understand how this was possible.  Turns out a lot of things are possible….

Coming summer of 2022, Makers + Creatives will be opening an interactive and immersive experience in the heart of downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. MC Wonder’s Fantastical Traveling Treasures will give a new perspective on the west and what might have been… or will be.

There will be many more updates in the coming weeks, but for now, we would like to invite you to our space-warming party on Saturday, June 4 from 4-7pm at 500 W 15th St #160 (at the Asher Building). We will be collecting donations and selling some of our wares to help fund the creation of this experience.

Meet us there!

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