Makers and Creatives to introduce Cheyenne’s first immersive art installation

June 26, 2022 - In The News

A fantastical space in Cheyenne is currently gutted.

All the walls are painted, and some furniture and decorations fill the entryway. The rest of the place is in the thick of renovation.

One section of a wall was only recently cut out, there’s wood, plaster and other materials scattered across the floor, and half of the building at 150 W. 15th St. is still fitted to the needs of the ceramic studio that formerly occupied the space.

While they each have day jobs, the four primary members of Cheyenne Makers and Creatives gather here and forego their free time to establish the first physical space the art group has assumed since it was founded in 2019.

It’s these four who, when first establishing Makers, knew they wanted a physical space to host workshops and classes, but events like that will only take up about of 20% of their time.

The remaining 80% will be consumed by a concept not unfounded in the art world, but has the potential to be a revolutionary addition to Cheyenne – an immersive art installation.

On Tuesday, Desiree Brothe, Caitlin Argyle, Michael Launer and Jon Hill gathered with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle to discuss the transformation the building will undergo in the months leading up to their full unveiling in October.

“What’s been interesting is trying to describe what an immersive art exhibition is to people,” Argyle said. “I think we’ve all used the term ‘immersive art installation,’ which helps most people understand it. But I told somebody that and they said, ‘So, like a haunted house?’

“I said, ‘yeah, kind of.’”

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