Visiting Hours – 4pm-7pm

May 27, 2023

Welcome to MC Wonder’s Fantastical Traveling Treasures, an immersive art experience that focuses on storytelling and time travel through the west that was, and that could still be.

Enter an experience in downtown Cheyenne where the community can take part in the collections of time-travel stories, immersing themselves into a creative and fantastical environment that feels both real and lived, but also futuristic and unexplored.

‘MC Wonder’ and his ‘Traveling Treasures’ is Cheyenne Makers+Creatives’ newest project, where art, construction, technology, and story come together to create a unique “had-to-be-there” experience for Cheyenne over the next year.

Cheyenne Makers+Creatives began in 2019 as a group of friends who spent a lot of time saying “wouldn’t it be cool if…” This idea turned into an adult-makin club, with a simple mission:

– We want to see cool spaces.
– We want to create cool experiences and things.
– We want to learn new skills along the way.

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