Shop Talk: Simple T-Shirt Screen Printing and Design

May 30, 2023


Our discussion topic this month will be our upcoming t-shirt screen printing event, what supplies we’ll be using, how we learned the process, and how we’re preparing for this year’s event.

Shop Talk is a monthly discussion series centered around the world of makers and making. Each month we gather to talk about a specific topic and share what we are working on. We also use this time to share things that inspire us and identify topics to cover in future discussion events, making events, or even projects.

Join us on Tuesday, May 30th as Makers+Creatives founding member Michael Launer shares his experience in helping others convert their artwork into formats needed for digital reproduction.

The first 30 minutes will be introductions and chat time, the discussion will start at 6:30 pm with Q&A to follow. RSVP today!

Shop Talk is presented by Cheyenne Makers+Creatives on the last Tuesday of most months.

Location: Laramie County Public Library

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