MC Wonder

MC Wonder was born and raised in a version of Cheyenne that is much like like our own but populated by what we would callRabbit People“. When he was young he discovered he had a unique ability to travel to parallel worlds. He has since made it his business and passion to travel and collect interesting art, experiences, ideas, stories, and many other items from the many places he has traveled.

MC was born with a unique pattern on his head reminiscent of a plus symbol that has become his calling card. While exploring parallel words he ran across Cheyenne Makers + Creatives and noticed the similarity between their brand and his identity. After sending a cease and desist to the group for infringing on his trademark they realized that they had similar interests and decided to join forces.

Cheyenne Makers + Creatives is now partnered with MC Wonder to help build his collection and share it with others. The first step in this new process was the establishment of MC‘s first satellite office located in the historic Asher building in downtown Cheyenne. A portion MCs staff will utilize this new location to further explore the interesting and the weird.

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