Glitta Beard

Glitta was a resident of a version of Cheyenne Wyoming in the late 1800s. When MC decided to open his first brick-and-mortar location it was important that he find someone that was both a local and also capable of comprehending otherworldly experiences. He found that and more in Glitta, he used his unique abilities to bring her from the past to our present to help build his collection.

Glitta is the senior manager of the local branch of MC’s business, you can often find her at the office going through experiences that have been sent to MC and cataloging his collection, and most of all keeping MC and his visitors safe.

When you visit be sure to check out her office to get a feeling for her gilded personality and see her dig through her drawers to find some of her interesting secrets.

In her limited free time Glitta is an artist and performer, follow her on her social media to find out when you can see her perform.

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